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Good Day to You.


Moose Hide Books offers a welcome to those authors taking the courage to submit their manuscripts for review and future assistance of mentor editing, story editing and guidance before presenting their efforts to publishers, agents, and to the public.


MOOSE HIDE BOOKS an imprint of Moose Enterprise Book and Theatre Play Publishing is a registered independent publishing house. (We are NOT a vanity press, or a self-publisher, nor a self-published on-line publisher.) Having been in the publishing venue for the past thirty years, we have discontinued the publishing aspect of our house as of September 2015. We will continue to sell and distribute the remainder of titles that we still hold publishing rights of. Please visit our products page for great books and worthy stories. Titles can be ordered directly through us, or through our distributor; Indigo's on-line book store, and LuLu distribution by clicking on their link. We will continue to support new and established authors by reviewing their works and providing editing services, mentor assistance, and guidance. All authors require an editor, and an open mind when having their work reviewed. The reading public does not want substandard material on the market. Please feel free to contact me directly concerning any questions that you may have about our services and cost.


We are registered with the National library of Canada, listed in the Book Trade of Canada, RR Bowker, Library and Book Store listings for direct orders and purchases, and affiliated with Chapters / Indigo on-line retail sales. We distribute directly from this Publishing House and also provide a link to Indigo's on-line book store, and LuLu distribution.


Be you an amateur, professional, a first time author, or a diamond in the rough seeking assistance, we aim to be of assistance and offer to you the resources of our editing and mentor services. Before you seek shelf publishing, or submit works to agents and publishing houses, make your effort the best that it can be by having your work reviewed, and polished by using our story editing and mentor services.


Our Publishing house extends a deserved respect to the author by considering and replying to all submissions.


We welcome the general public searching for titles to satisfy their reading hunger.


Within these pages we will introduce ourselves, present our mandate, highlight authors and their works, and list our available titles - their jacket copy, our submission guide-lines, our direct ordering and our distributors; Indigo's on-line book store link, and LuLu distribution, and our company contact data.


With thanks, we are pleased that you have visited Moose Hide Books.


We will continually update and provide further information for authors, amateur and professional, seeking editing services, and visitors and readers searching for intriguing stories.


The Best of the Day to You.
Richard Mousseau
Publisher, editor, author.

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