Mr. Cheeks Too Soft

Cowboy poet, Mr. Cheeks-Too-Soft, is available for poetry recitations and readings, be the venue small and intimate, or a theatre setting. Cheeks-Too-Soft will delightfully recite cowboy poetry that will tantalize the audience with humour or bring a tear to the eye.

Tales of adventure will carry listeners through the dusty trails of cattle drives to the loneliness of cabin life in the frozen north.

Delight in the drama, comedy talent of Mr. Cheeks-Too-Soft.

For further information, please contact Richard Mousseau.


A poem sample from Mr. Cheeks-Too-Soft.




Five bucks read the for-sale tag.

I am not one to continuously nag.

It is a bit much for an old hag.

For profusely its belly does sag.


I will offer you one dollar for this old roan.

At this point in time it is just skin and bone.

I am able to give it a barn made of stone.

He is lonely, do you not hear him moan?


Everyday I will take him for a ride.

Over logs and hedges we will glide.

I will teach him to trot a gallant stride.

With heads high, we will ride with pride.


Will you look at those big sad eyes liquefy.

Any moment now he just may start to cry.

For days no one was willing to buy.

I have one dollar and I am your guy.


This honest to goodness horse trader I do endorse.

Accepting a five-year-old kid’s bid, I have no remorse.

You win young cowboy, a done deal of course.

Partner, saddle up your antique hobby horse.



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Miss. Anita

Richard Mousseau

Our in-house story-editor, and creative writing mentor.

Publisher, editor and author, Richard Mousseau is available for topic discussions, or lectures on the industry of book publishing, creative writing, self editing and the status of the general turmoil of writer and publisher associations.

Invite Mr. Mousseau to guest speak at your book reading club, your writer's group. You may request a topic to be presented with open discussion.

Fees suited to the venue of your needs, from no payment, to an hourly rate, to a percentage of gate.

For further inquires, please contact Richard Mousseau.

Song Writer

Richard Mousseau

Song writer adept in a variety of musical styles of classic rock, rock and roll, easy listening, blues, country, and able to adapt music to modern styles is looking for performers interested in adding original songs to their performing repertoire.

If you are interested in building your catalogue and being the first to perform and possibly having these original songs on your recordings, then contact Rick Mousseau.

Amateur and professional performers welcome.

These original songs may be the next top ten when performed by interested parties' unique talent.

Rick will work with artists to adapt songs to performer’s style.

A performance agreement between performer and song writer is all that is required.

No cost is applied to performer.

Performance diary is required to be filled out, and accreditation is to be announced.

Recording royalties to be administered by music publisher.

If you feel that an original song may be in your best interest, please feel free to contact Rick Mousseau.


Thank you for Your interest.

Rick Mousseau


Check out sheet music books featured on the Novel tab, books are  filled with my original songs, all of which are also downloadable from the Audio Song Collections in the below section.

View demo songs and videos by clicking onto following links.


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Music can be downloaded from the following music link;