Dear Author;


Moose Hide Books offers a welcome to potential authors  that take the courage to submit their work in hopes of a favorable review and acceptance of our story editing, structural editing and mentor editing services. We extends a deserved respect to the author by considering and replying to all submissions.


Our House.


We are a small Publishing House which is maintaining existing titles and associates. We will no longer consider new works to be published. We are not, a subsidy nor a vanity publisher. It is our mandate to assist the emerging and experienced authors with story editing, structural editing and providing our mentor editing service upon their work. A polished manuscript is a must when submitting to publishers, agents and the reading public. Only the polished works stay above the garbage pile. We will also guide authors that wish to self publish and need answers to questions about creative writing and of the industry. Unfortunately, not every manuscript will be accepted for our editing services, though we will provide a written review of submissions. Publishing is a business, we strive to assist authors and build strong manuscripts that will be successful when presented to potential agents and publishers.




When submitting your work, be willing to accept our guidance, comments and opinions. Our editors make suggestions and give their personal review of your work. It is a personal opinion. Authors should be willing to accept guidance and suggestions to improve their work. An author should be willing to enhance their work. Our editors strive to gain the best work possible and expect the author to try and produce their best efforts. An editor will edit an author’s work, then another editor will edit the editor’s work, then the author will edit the editor’s work. This is the proper procedure. This is a process to achieve the best quality work possible before presenting it to agents, publishers and to the public. If the quality of the written word and the product is not up to our standards, then it will not be up to others in the industry, nor the general public of which is the end reader and the strongest critic. We do not compare ourselves to other publishers, or editors or share their views or their procedures. Remember, individuals have different perspectives. No two people will write or edit exactly the same. Always, personal views enter the equation.




We accept submissions of fiction, non fiction, short story fiction and non fiction, biography, history, humour, trivia, theatre plays - drama and comedy, story poetry and a variety of genre contained within.


Editing Service.


We  offer an editing service, for those authors that are seeking,  or need, assistance to enhance their story structure. Comments are provided as to the overall quality of the work. Story editing is the means of suggesting character building, scene building, story structure, story flow and window dressing to tie together the story. A client may, request as much or as little editing as desired. An estimated editing cost will be provided when material is received for review.


Creative Writing Workshops.

For those seeking assistance with their writing talent, we offer creative writing sessions. Writing courses from $150.00 to $250.00. Hourly mentoring $35.00 to $45.00. One on one question and answer mentoring $45.00 per hour. For editing services an estimated cost will be provided after review of submitted material.




Once we receive a manuscript, we read it, we then edit several pages and give our suggestions, comments, and our opinions. We may suggest what we feel may be the best service for the author.




Mainstream publishers do not provide reviews or provide pre-editing services. This is a service that we provide. Format editing, the editing of grammar, punctuation, spelling and proper layout of text and page is covered by our services. An author may request as much or as little of required assistance based on budget or  level of self-attained talent. When a manuscript is reviewed there is no fee amount charged to the author. A quote will be provided to the author and it is expected that the author will ask questions before accepting.


Our submission guide-lines.


Mail submissions to Moose Hide Books. We do not accept E-Mail submissions. Include a SASE. If mailing from outside of Canada please include an international mailing coupon or Canadian postage. A double-spaced, 12 pt font of 2 to 3 chapters for a first initial review. Title page should contain - Title - copyright date; - day - month - year the work was first conceived. Your full name; - first - middle - last. Your full date of birth; - day - month - year, a pen name if used. Provide only copies, not originals. Include a full mailing address, telephone and fax numbers, an E-Mail address. A personal Biography, who you are, what you do for a living and for relaxation, your aspirations, a title list of your works with a short Biography for each; two or three lines. Do not include reviews, awards or past accomplishments. We judge an author and their work by the story before us. Make note if you wish material returned or recycled and if you wish material commented upon, we will edit several pages for you and give our comments and opinions.


Viewing samples of our published works.


On our Web Site - , click on Products for complete title listing, click on the Featured Author tab and click on author's name to view titles, cover and jacket copy. Chapters, Coles and Indigo Book Stores carry some of our titles on Indig's on-line book store at .

LULU distribution also carries our titles, and books and e-books can be viewed on the following link.


I would like to thank you for your interest in Moose Hide Books editing services.

Editor. Edmond Alcid.

Moose Hide Books

Story Editing, Mentor Letter


Do you want to be a published author?


Then take your ego and lock it into a cupboard and leave it there until you are rich and famous.

If you can do this then read further.


What is ego? Ego prevents a person from self criticizing one’s own work, resents others offering advice and giving constructive editing suggestions. Being an author, publisher and editor, I still have an editor, editing my work. I still need to listen and rewrite. I am still learning the trade.

A person with ego says, ‘my work is perfect, does not need a review, does not need editing, nor a rewrite, it is perfect and everyone should consider publishing it.’. An author with ego will self-publish and put crap on the market, thinking their work is great and will sell a million copies, then finds out that their work does not sell because the quality of the story and the writing of the story is poor.


Do you want to be a writer, then learn the trade. Like a carpenter, a doctor, a plumber or any trade, learn from the basic education related to the trade, serve an apprenticeship then practice, practice, practice, write, write and write more!


A writer needs the basic education associated to writing, an ability to read and write, the basic knowledge of word meanings, punctuation, grammar, spelling, sentence structure, paragraph structure, dialogue structure and have a mind that dreams up stories.


Writing habits are needed. The fingers do not have the speed and dexterity to type a story on a computer as fast as a story unfolds in the mind. Whether you write by long-hand, typewriter or computer, editing, editing, editing is the key. If you think that you can type a story on a computer and feel it is a finished product on a first typing, then think again. A computer is a tool to make operations easier, it does not replace the mind.


Write long-hand, so that the mind will unfold a complete detailed story. Often the mind has more of a story than what is actually written or typed. Then edit the hand-written story to pick up on material needing insertion, or removal. Edit words, sentences, dialogue, scene building, character building, action, emotion, everything essential for story editing. The stress is on (STORY) editing. Once this is accomplished then enter into a computer where technical processes can be accomplished with ease. All previously mentioned should be done by the author, not a general editing service, a friend, daughter or son. Once this is done then submit to a publisher for consideration and review and have several pages edited.


Have this basic ability, then write a story, then send to a publisher asking for consideration, a review and possible editing of several pages. A publisher is looking for the basics required to write and a plausible story that will grab their interest. You may have a great story line and be a poor technical writer or may be an excellent writer with a poor story. Publishers want to see the raw author, then the publisher will judge their potential.


Do not use your ego, nor friends, family members or relatives to review your work and do not pay someone to review your material. Have an impartial person review your work, provide technical editing, structural editing and story editing of a page or two. Remember that the basics of writing should be known by the author and should be fixed and presented to the best of the author’s ability.

Do not hire and pay for editing services that only corrects spelling, grammar and fixes format. Publishers are not interested in this initially and this is something that will be accomplished by the author when completing a rewrite and by the publisher after story editing and at a final formatting process.


Do not hire or pay an agent unless you are an established author, a published author and have suitable titles as collateral. As a first time author or an unpublished author seek out publishers that accept unsolicited material and are willing to assist and mentor new and up and coming authors, and always ask for a review and edited pages, free. Do not pay.


Do not use a vanity press that promises to edit and publish. They do not story edit and they charge you for everything, editing, publishing, printing and for final copies. They do not distribute. This is the same for self-publishing. Crap is put out on the market which degrades all authors, and the public is assuming all writing is below par, which will eventually reduce their literature mentality. The buying public is paying for the story, regardless of how the buyer and author perceives how fancy the cover is or the type of binding that caught their eye and enticed them to buy. The cover does not tell the story, the text tells the story.


If you feel you have the basic writing education, a story, a finished manuscript and are able to hide your ego and are willing to see red editing on your manuscript and have a review and expect to rewrite, rewrite, then send it to a publisher.


Being a publisher and editor, I see the complete gambit of material and authors presenting their work. When a publisher gives a review and edits several pages, they are only giving their view on what their publishing house is interested in. Even if one publisher gives a disheartening review does not mean another publisher may praise it. Ego makes you resentful of a review and a rejection letter.

What is more important than general editing, polishing of manuscript, agents, distribution, vanity press, self publishing or a fancy cover is a story editor to edit your manuscript, mentor and assist you in developing the story. You will learn how to self edit and adapt your material. Story editing is the structural editing of the story line, character building, scene building, action, emotion, dialogue, plot flow, story history, character history, sub plots and the questioning of the author on un-noted facts.


Because of the number of rejections, I have to give to authors for various reasons, what is most important, is that most authors need story editing, whether they are interested in our service or sending material to another publisher. Moose Hide Books is offering a story editing, mentor assistance. If authors are interested in story editing, interested in learning, send in several chapters for a review and an editing of several pages and ask for a quote. Send in a double spaced, single sided, standard 12 pt format, times new roman font, including total number of pages and all contact information submission. Depending on material, ability of author’s talent, degree of mentoring required, we will quote a reasonable cost. Degree of mentoring or pages to be edited is up to the author. If you have questions feel free to contact us.


See the Contact Us tab for mailing information.


Richard Mousseau


Basic Play Catalogue Overview.


MOOSE ENTERPRISE is pleased and proud to present to you up-and-coming playwrights and plays that we are sure you will enjoy presenting and performing.


NO VENTURE IS UNATTAINABLE. Amateur and professional playwrights and plays deserve the opportunity to be presented at all levels of theatre, for we are striving to entertain the theatre patrons.


All great writers, actors, producers, stage hands, costumers, make up artists, lighting technicians, directors, choreographers, and all theatre assistants started at the beginning, hoping, dreaming, striving to reach for the spotlight.


Those that give of them selves, in an amateur theatre, are the foundation of this art form.


To them our applause and our willingness to give them all a chance to succeed.




All royalties listed in the products tab page are for live stage productions by amateur groups with a maximum seating of three hundred people. Professional groups require special arrangements based on a percentage of gate admissions. Television or radio presentation arrangement by mutual agreement. Royalties are applicable to all performances before an audience whether or not admission is charged. Presentation rates are listed within the title’s descriptions. All royalties are due upon agreement with MOOSE ENTERPRISE as to when production is planed to be presented. Royalties for tapes and sheet music due when ordered.




ALL MOOSE ENTERPRISE plays are protected by copyright laws and convention. It is an infringement of copyright law to give a performance or reading of any such play or excerpt without prior consent from MOOSE ENTERPRISE. It is also a violation of copyright law to copy part or all of a play’s content by any means, including typewriter, photocopy or videotape.




Whenever and wherever a play is produced, Due authorship credit must be given on all programs, printings and advertising for the play. No changes may be made to the written play for the purpose of your production unless this publisher and the author of selected play consents to changes. No television, film, video or audio recording may be made of your production. If so, applicable fees must be paid. For private recordings for archives, please inquire for permission. An archive recording in current format must be supplied to this Publishing House if the production has the means.


I Thank You for Your Interest in Our Plays


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