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Edmond J. Alcid

ISBN 0-9684909-2-1

Book out of print

Children’s Story book

Illustrated by

R. C. Moffatt

24 pg. (7 X 8 ½) (4 years to 8 years) (Free copy with any other purchased book)

                A baby gosling swims up a creek during a mean storm. Farmer Ed and the Farm animals adopt the orphaned baby goose. All summer long the farm animals’ take care of the growing goose. In the fall when other wild geese are heading north, Waddles the goose does not seem to be interested. Then on a stormy windy fall night the goose leaves his farm friends to head south. Farmer Ed and the farm animals’ say good by and wait for his return in the spring.


                This story is true. I remember when the goose came to my uncle’s farm. I was sad when it left.

                It is nice to read a true story that does not sound childish. My children love when I read them this story.


An Oak Rocking Chair

Richard E. Mousseau

ISBN 0-9686086-4-7

Book out of print

Children’s Story book

Illustrated by

R. C. Moffatt

32 pg. (7 X 8 ½) (5 years to 12 years) (Free copy with any other purchased book)

                A children’s picture book telling the history of an Oak Rocking Chair. A story told in poetry style. Follow the history of the rocking chair from conception through the years and its many difficulties and joys. A hundred years pass as mothers and children use it to the fullest. A loving story of endurance and longevity of a family and an Oak Rocking Chair.


                As an adult, I love to read this story over and over again to my children. It seems that I get just as much pleasure as they do. The story poetry is just great.

                I see my grandfather and grandmother, my whole family through the years in the fine illustrations.

                This is not just a children’s book, it is poetry that I now can almost recite from memory. A great story for all ages.



Milton Jacob Rosenberg


ISBN 1-894650-23-9

Autobiography, Adult

266 pg. (6 X 9) $27.65 (SALE $5.00)

                This book is a historical biography of the author’s life. The author, born in the US of A, then at the age of seven is forced to immigrate to the USSR with his parents. For the next fifty years, the author lived the life of a subject of the USSR regime. He lived under the premise that the USSR was a communist paradise. He struggled to believe in the brainwashing of the people under communist rule. Deep within his heart and mind he hid the facts that what he was told was a lie. His dream was to return to the place of his birth. After a lifetime of struggle in a land that was not of his birthright he gained the right to return to the US of A, to live out the rest of his life in a true paradise of freedom.


                It was a hard story to read and at the same time to believe that such drastic events took place in the USSR.

                I was shocked, humbled and enlightened by this true story of history.

                It takes a strong man to live under such hardships. It takes an even stronger man to tell the truth and stand up proudly behind his words.



ISBN 1-89465053-0

Short Story Collection, Fiction/Adult

172 pg.  (5 ½ X 8 ½) $14.95 Can (SALE $5.00)

Grant Miller - Reverse Polarity

                A futuristic war is being waged on earth, a war as old as mankind, as aggressive and destructive, destined to eliminate mankind's existence.

Paul J. Joseph - Markerstone

                Futuristic exploitation of the solar system, where the vast resources become the commodities of earth's economy.

Armen Kurdian - Final Thoughts

                In the last moments of existence of mankind on earth, the final thoughts of a person are revealed.

John Britt - Norm

                An illiterate, small-time magician develops the ability to manifest live beasts from nothingness, not illusions, magic.

Edmond Alcid - Torture-Rape-Murder

                In society the eyes of man bare witness. The title needs no explanation as to the assorted events that have transpired.


                Strange reading, but when I finished each story I spend time thinking about what possibilities might happen in real life.

                Each story stood out and I felt captured within each story as if apart of the plot or as a viewer, I was glad to return to reality when finished reading, reality felt safe.



Edmond Alcid

ISBN 978-1-894650-18-2

Fiction, Adventure,

260 pg. (5 1/2 X 8 1/2) (general/adult) (Book $28.94 e-book $11.99) (used book $5.00)

                I had walked out of the bush an old man. How Old, I did not know? The years had passed without the need to celebrate the remembrance of a birth date. There was something familiar about the place I stood, where the bush bordered the tilled land of a farmer's field. Slowly, faint memories recalled past moments of my life. As a young man I had walked across this field many times.

                Standing in this familiar spot, I noticed a man rocking lazily on an open porch across the field. The house, familiar in its change, a simple home I remember in a past memory. The old man resembled the face I have when I gaze at my own reflection. I know the man approaching; there is a twinkle in his eye. He looks old with warm grand-fatherly chubby cheeks, his belly reminiscent of Father-Christmas. His balding head and clean-shaven face is so much like a Grandfather of my youth. We pause and stop, our eyes studying each and every feature of the other. He is familiar; I search my memory for names to place with the face before me.

                He seems satisfied that after consideration, he has placed a name to my face. I have not placed a name to suit his likeness.


                I hesitate, shocked by the sound of someone speaking my name. "Yes, I am Thomas Chapais."

                "Thomas," he repeated in a voice reminiscent of a voice from my past, my youth. "Thomas, I am . . ."

                "My brother, Nicolas." I had remembered a name, a face.

                Two old men stood there dumb-founded with nothing to say but to repeat each other's name with favour, contempt, anger, sadness and an undying love that only kinship knows. Without an embrace, nor a handshake we bonded as brothers need to. Our eyes were reluctant to gaze away for fear of the image disappearing.


                An intriguing study of the thoughts of a man as he studies his life; and this is a great adventure.

                Every man wonders what-if, if lost in the bush, the mentality of a man will govern if he survives.

                Other places on earth have their stories of being lost, shipwrecked and the struggle to survive. This is Canada's great story of a man being lost and of his struggle to survive.



Peter Grantham

ISBN 978-1-894650-63-2

Fiction, Mystery, Adventure, General

188 pg. (5 ½ X 8 ½ ) $19.95 (SALE $5.00)

                 I thought Arrow Boy would fade. He did not. I thought the 2 horse would fade. It did not. Throughout the home stretch they battled. No other horse could catch them. Deadlocked they crossed the finish line. A photo finish! Time for the race, 2.02.1. The crowd sagged into exhausted mumbling. “The five horse got it.” “No way, the two horse came back.” “Dead heat.” “Five by a whisker.” “Number 2 for sure.” “No way!” The numbers flashed on the odds board, 5 and 2. The inside horse had won it. The outside horse a scant nose behind. Arrow Boy had done it.

                Shaking like a leaf I joined George in the grandstand. Arrow Boy, chest heaving, headed towards the winner’s circle.

                “What’s the matter, Professor?”

                “I just made a big bet.”

                “Oh yeah! How much? Ten bucks?” I did not reply. I just shook my head. “How much then? Twenty?”

                “A hundred and fifty!” I croaked.

                “You lost a hundred and fifty on one race! That’s not like you, Professor.”

                My wits began to return. “I made a mistake. I was at the wrong window. But I didn’t lose, George. I won! I won!”

                “You really did bet on the 5 horse?” exclaimed George, almost excited as I was.

                “Fifty bucks on the nose and fifty bucks on the five and two exactor both ways.”

                George took a quick look at the odds board. “The five is ten to one. That’s five hundred bucks. The exactor will pay at least a hundred, maybe more with the short priced favorite out of it. Heck, Professor, you’ll clear three thousand dollars at least.”

                “Would you put your name and address on this form, please,” said the male cashier. He placed a yellow form and a pen in front of me.

                “What for?”

                “It’s just a formality when a large amount of money is won.”


                A great insight to harness racing and the little bets that people make. Even if it is a little bet; problems can occur.

                Harness racing, betting, mystery, love, the story of an average man experiencing it all, a great little story.


Richard Mousseau

ISBN 978-1-927393-00-0 Book 96 pg. (8.5 X 5.5) $10.95 (used book $5.00)

ISBN 978-1-894650-99-1 E-Book $5.47

Fiction adventure

                Cuthburt was the only weak link in a suitable situation for all. He alone could demand the termination of birth. Unlikely, for this would bring out the possibility of a scandalous exposure. By demanding that everyone keep their mouths shut then no one outside of Cuthburt’s inner circle would know. Would he love the child and embrace as a true bloodline. Edmond Baptist definitely thought not. the impression of Cuthburt’s affections was cold, caring only for protocol and what reflected well upon him. Given the opportunity, Edmond surmised that Cuthburt would overthrow all procedures in favour of making Winston of Scott the next King of England. Claiming the throne himself would allow himself to be able to formulate means to decide who would be his successor.


                The royal family is redundant, and maybe this story will plant the seed of change.

                I think this has happen in the past history of all royalty and I think it just could happen today. I would root for the under-dog. Long live the commoner.

                Not a fan of royalty, yet I was rooting for the Princess and the commoner, after all the Princess once had commoner beginnings.



Moose Brannigan

ISBN 978-1-927393-03-1 Book 96 pg. 98.5 X 5.5) $10.95 (used book $5.00)

ISBN 978-1-927393-04-8 E-Book $5.47

Western /adventure

                Cuthburt, Duke of Wales will stop at nothing to sustain his placement and status in the Royal court and will vengefully dispose of Baptist who has assaulted the Duchess of Scott. Across continents of the eighteen-sixties and the cultures of British aristocrats and the uncivilized west of Canada, Cuthburt will demand retribution. Cuthburt alone will demand that only a true bloodline exists and that his son, Duke Winston, and Duchess of Scott produce a child to carry on the royal lineage. Baptist, a trapper, is thrown into a mix of deceit and revenge, yet holds true to his easy going nature and ability to foil a nemesis who tries to rule all beneath his Royal position. Cuthburt shall fail.


                All through history, royalty has been as ruthless and deceiving as a scoundrel, ruling to their own code. Nice to see a commoner put them in their place without being crass.

History has repeated itself over and over and royalty has made the same mistakes and are no better than a common criminal. Nice to see a decent commoner rise above, Baptist is the good guy. 


Edmond J. Alcid

ISBN. 0-9684909-5-6

Play, Fiction, 92 pg. (90 -120 min) (12 years to adult) $9.75

                Comedy / Drama; 3 Female leads; 10 Male leads; All leads my be interchangeable; An old time radio show. Play could be presented with or without the use of on stage scripts. Drama, comedy, soap opera, education, poetry, stories from home, advertizing and music from ‘Our Almost There Orchestra’. Listen to the bickering Crabtrees, Wilbur and Mildred, western poetry recited by a real old cowboy, Mr. Cheeks Too Soft. Penelope Peabodie’s strange letters from home. A ventriloquist that talks for his dummy, Knot Head. A forty-year-old bachelor and his talking dog. Education lectured by Professor E.D. Ucation. A stage director and announcer filled with wit and humor. A mixed bag of antics in a fast paced radio show. An Old Time Radio variety Show.

                Simple set; Play book $9.75; Royalties; First performance $35.00; Each additional performance $25.00. Musical Score $4.50, Demo Tape $4.50.



Richard Mousseau

ISBN 978-1-927393-21-5

Theatre Play, (130 min) 68 pg. (All ages) $10.75

                Drama, comedy, 7 male leads, 2 female leads, 2 child seconds, 2 female seconds.

                One blustery winter of eighteen-eighty-six in the home of John Louie, and Isobel Stanley  Creightion, a gathering of mostly men discuss the various games played on ice with sticks and a disc. Their concern is the various rules followed by different teams in different areas of the country and in that of the world. The men decide that a set of rules should be drawn up for everyone to follow. They also decide to define the way the game should be played. Of most importance is the name to be associated with the game. Beware of the influence and suffrage of women making a stand in society and evolution in history. Many a man, woman and child of Canada’s landscape of snow and frozen ponds has contributed to the history in the making of a Hockey Night in Canada.

                Simple set; play book $10.75; Royalties; first performance $35.00; each additional performance $25.00.




Maria Monaco

ISBN 1-894650-41-7

Published July 1, 2004

Novel, Fiction, Juvenile, 124 pg. $12.95 Can. (SALE $1.00)

                On Blackthorn Island where humans have found life pleasurable, and the land is fertile, where crops are abundant, they are well settled. Also finding the island to their liking are beings not human. In the forest, in the lakes, under the earth are Trolls, fairies, both good and evil. After centuries of living separately in their own worlds on Blackthorn Island, the two worlds collide. Blackthorn Island is in turmoil, and those most affected are the young, those easily taken by the evil creatures of Blackthorn Island. Deep beneath the earth’s surface, living in the depths of the clay and dirt, are rare creatures . . . Hobgoblins . . . Nerilocks . . . dwellers of the inner world of Blackthorn Island . . . they do exist.


                I have dreamt dreams like this story, maybe this story is true.

                The creatures have been described exactly as I have seen them. This story sent chills down my back. I do not look into holes.



Gregg Seeley

(and the Marble Mayhem)

ISBN 978-1-894650-75-5


136 pg. (5.5 X 8.5) $11.84 (SALE $5.00)

                Being an undersized kid can really stink. No one knows this better than Elliot Blue, who finds himself thrust into a new school in a new town where he already has been made a target by the self-proclaimed school bully, Big Bobby Boolacheck ‘Big Bobby Boom!’ and his two hench-boys Booker and Biff Muldoon. Elliot’s life is destined to be made miserable . . ..

                Lucky for Elliot, a cousin from the big city is coming to live with them for a while.  Soon enough, the perfect town of Bunsel, which had been ruled by the Boolacheck family for generations would experience something never before encountered, an eleven year old, streetwise, super prankster, by the name of Jimmy ‘the Slick’ Blue.

                In BIG BOBBY BOOM! AND THE MARBLE MAYHEM!, Author Gregg Seeley introduces us to a pair of unlikely heroes, Jimmy and Elliot Blue.

                “No way man! Not us! We’re heroes!” Jimmy exclaimed, sarcastically. “We stopped a bank robbery and rescued the town from another of those boring parades, the same one that this town has to watch over and over every year featuring the Boolachecks. They should be thanking us.”


                Theses characters do everything that I, as a kid, wished I could have done for adventure, not to mention being able to turn the tables on some of the bigger kids that verged on bullying.

                More adults should read this story and realize what goes on in the world of children, both good and bad events that mould children for adulthood.



Richard Mousseau

ISBN 978-1-927393-15-4 Book $19.95 (used book $5.00)

ISBN 978-1-927393-16-1 E-Book $9.97

Fiction/hockey adventure

Book 168 pg. (5.5 X 8.5)

                Where is the passion for the playing of the game, the quality of play and the proud-ness of achieving the Stanley Cup? I must admit that every era of hockey, those that govern, those that play and those that observe have their faults, corruption, integrity, pleasures, success and defeats. For me it is the illusion of a child’s imagination of what the game meant that is lost.

                Currently, attention to hockey has been the status of jokes, puns, and insinuations, making fun of and laughing at the fact that the Leafs will never win the Stanley Cup again. Life of others, that lack success is now associated in comparison to the lack of success of the Leafs, nil!! Yet fans of the Leafs are steadfast and true. Imagine the bragging rights of true fans if the Leafs succeeded. Not one to be boisterous and visually or verbally exuberant, I would be one to root for the underdog and be pleased to see the Leafs win.


                Headlines blossomed when the end of the Twenty-twelve regular season left the Leafs at the bottom of the basement in points. A frustrated owner, when bombarded with questions that contained more innuendoes, snubs and jokes than actual interest in acquiring in-depth insight, sneered. A mad dog’s growl and foaming jowls will silence the bravest person. Sports reporters stood stiffly, mouths agape and arms holding microphones extended waiting for the Leafs’ owner, Mr. Smithe sputter a marketable quote.

                “Basement bargain price, Leafs for sale!”


                Anything is possible.

                This will never happen.

                You never know until they try.



Richard Mousseau

ISBN 978-1-927393-22-2 Book $12.95 (used book $5.00)

ISBN 978-1-927393-23-9 E-Book $6.48

Cowboy Poetry

My pony’s bridle lays across a hay bail.

A black saddle straddles a fence post rail.

From blurry eyes a tear drop may fall.

Ghostly apparitions of a memory to recall.


In days of youth mounting from fence rails,

rider on pony would wander endless trails.

My mount would forever faithfully guide,

when crossing haunted badlands at a stride.


                I am delighted by the romanticism of the poetry, making light of the hardships.

                I want to be a cowboy and live in the romantic era of open trails and endless plains.

                The cowboy life is humorous when looked at by Mr. Cheeks-Too-Soft.


Robert Dunbar - Karen Scioli

ISBN 1-894650-33-6

Drama, comedy , 1 female lead; 1 male lead.

56 pg, (adult) $12.55 (SALE $1.00)

                Prologue; Scream Queens 101: An introduction by a somber man educating the audience before the main play. He gives an academic appreciation of Horrifying women. 

                On a dark lonely night when only the flutter of bats wings are heard, a B-Movie Queen chronicles her life. From her earliest days on the set of her first horror film, to her rule as a reigning Diva of dread, she relates her life to us. In the mist of her lonely cavern, she tells of her dark nights as a nearly forgotten icon. Her career long over, her glamour fading, alone, forsaken, swimming in the depths of red wine, the Queen of horror dictates her memories into a tape recorder and becomes lost in her memories. The Queen of B-Movies languishes over her dead career hoping for an elusive come back, to rise again from the depths of the departed.

                Simple set; play book $12.55; Royalties; first performance $35.00; each additional performance $25.00.




Richard Mousseau

A.K.A. Cheeks-Too-Soft

ISBN 978-1-927393-01-7 Book $12.95 (used book $5.00)

ISBN 978-1-927393-02-4 E-Book $6.47

Story poetry/fiction/adventure

Book 104 pg. (5.5 X 8.5)

                Legendary cowboy, Cheeks-Too-Soft relaxes in semi-retirement on the porch of a weathered old barn-board cabin to reminisce on the life of being a cowboy. From a book of collections of cowboy poetry, Cheeks will recite tales of adventure, love, lost love, dreams and the wide open spaces of riding to the next round up, the next meal and bedding down by a warm fire. Drop by, sit awhile, drift into the mystic essence of a cowboy-cowgirl’s world. Everyone can be a cowboy-cowgirl or dream of being a part of the lifestyle of the men and women that created the western ensemble.


                I was chocking on the dust and humour of the poems that give a realistic and a romantic twist to the cowboy life.

                I laughed myself silly, then a poem came along that twisted emotions into my heart that tears blur my eyes no matter how often I reread.

                A collection of cowboy poetry for everyone from intellectuals to children and men that never read; to a house wife like me that needs a short poem to boost happiness, thank you.





Edmond J. Alcid

ISBN 1-894650-13-1

Fiction, all ages.

128 pg. (5 X 8 ½) Book $11.95 (used book $5.00)

e-book $5.95

                A collection of short stories with the root of DéJ`vue in each story. Have you repeated your past over and over?

                I remember, remembering that I have repeated my past over and over. For what reasons are there, to explain why one’s life is in need of a repeat. Do we repeat life for the purpose of getting it right, to correct a past mistake, to change the outcome of a situation to suit our egos? For whatever reasons, we do relive moments of our lives. Some of us have fleeting memories of those moments. I remember, remembering to rewrite these lines, or did I? Or is it only my mind playing games? For moments like this we use the word DéJ`vue.


                I have had the sensation of DéJ`vue before. This book of short stories covers all the bases of that strange feeling of repeating something over and over.

                Fascinating, strange and sometimes probable. I eagerly look forward to have such a sensation.

                I got that shiver up the spin, that cool-tickle when I read one story that reminded me of a situation that I had that repeated its self, I think.



ISBN 978-1-894650-56-4

Short Story Collection, Fiction/Juvenile/Adult

164 pg. (5 ½ X 8 ½ ) $12.95 Can (SALE $5.00)

Linda Nylen - Mr. William

                "Mom grabbed me hard by the hand and cried. 'We must hurry William.' I stumbled behind her in the dark trying to slip on my shoes while she put my little sister Emily in her pram sitting by the front door. Out the door we would run, up the hill to the bomb shelter, closest to our home. The only light in the night were the flashes that came from the bombs exploding around us. They were advancing closer and I could feel the ground shake. Mom squeezed my hand tighter and pulled me faster up the hill, I kept tripping.


An Unlikely Champion by Christy Walter

                Mr. Phillips eyed the colt intently, gnawing on the long strand of hay. The laughter melted from his face to be replaced by a stern scowl over his brow. Turning on his heel he faced Joanne squarely and boldly said, "Joanne that colt ain't fit to be called a Morgan Horse. Morgans are supposed to be refined with wide expressive eyes, diamond shaped foreheads and a dainty head. Their necks should rise out of the back with a swan-like arch and strong shoulder. Tails should flow gracefully from the top of the rump. This horse is all wrong. Nothing fits. He is a disgrace to the breed. He should be put down. He won't be worth the hay to feed him once he's weaned."


Crack in the Rear View Mirror by Tammy Dupuis

                Approaching my only companion, I noticed blood on the bottom of one of her paws. "Missy, Missy," I spoke, touching her as I picked her up. A thick black spider crawled away on the floor off in the direction of the patio doors. Thinking nothing of it, I dismissed the retreating spider. My hands felt warm and sticky under her body, blood coated my hands like gloves. I leaned Missy closer and listened to hear her breathing. Silence surrounded her still form, this is all I needed to end my perfect day. Missy was my only companion, my home was now going to feel lonely without her there. I was overcome with sadness and grief that I had never felt before.


Stanley Clausic by Edmond Alcid

                Stanley smiled and drew another long , relaxing cut along the figure. He was pleased with the thought that his Grandpa would be the ideal image and idealism of a Santa. He sure bestowed simple life gifts upon Stanley. It seemed a shame that he had let so many important things in life slide. Relaxing and contemplating was one; talking and enjoying one's company was two; giving of yourself was three; whittling and making simple well carved toys was four.


                Delightful summer reading, one story scary summer reading, one story brought memories of winter, two carried me through adventure.           





Edmond J. Alcid

ISBN 0-9684909-7-2

Novel, fiction, 296 pg. (16 years to adult)Book  $20.95 (used book $5.00)

e-book $9.95

                In the rugged bush of Northern Ontario a small bush plane crashes. On board is a ten-year-old boy and the pilot. In the early 1960's the only one capable of finding the crash site is Hag and his blood hound Wojo. Hag enjoyed the good life of living in the wilderness until events leading up to the crash and the search was hampered by his companion. Wojo has shown signs of rabies. It is too late when Hag discovers that the infected scratch on his arm was from his dog. There in the middle of nowhere a sick man and the boy he finds develop a bond that is stronger then life it self. Survival is the utmost of importance when there is a lifetime of growing up ahead. An adventure bigger than the wilderness of Northern Ontario.


                A powerful story. I was shocked by the ending. As heartfelt as the movie Old Yeller.

                I cried for the boy, I cried for the dog and I cried for Hag.

                A great story Idea, it could have really happened especially here in Northern Ontario. This is truly a Canadian story.




Richard Mousseau

ISBN 978-1-927393-46-8 book $19.50

ISBN 978-1-927393-47-5 e-book $9.75

Short story collection, fiction, adventure, drama, comedy. 188pg. (all ages)

                A person’s life is a daily accumulation of events, emotions, dreams, true stories and fictional stories. At a point in time when an advanced age is achieved, memories become mingled and sometimes facts become blurred, that of truth and fiction, and sometimes, as is the case of a writer, made-up stories. This book is a collection of stories that I have accumulated over the years, presented as fragmentation of life, what was experienced, observed, and created from an imaginative mind. I present adventure, drama, comedy, true stories and fiction. It will be left to the reader to decide which story is true and which is fiction.


An enjoyable read, I was never bored. These stories cover the spectrum of life and genre.

This is what I like, short stories that have depth, and can be read over and over, and I never tire of selecting a story and reading again. Mystery, adventure, comedy, children stories, crime, drama, inspirational, mystic, and tall tales, the writer covers all. Theses stories are so varied that I am eager to get to the next story. A fulfilling read.

FATHER, Pa, Old Man, Dude, Dad, Donor.

Richard Mousseau

Story Board by Marc Cove

ISBN 978-1-894650-94-6

Play, Fiction, 68 pg. (All ages) $10.95

                Drama, Comedy, 7 leads, various second leads.

                Suited for Television series, Television Movie series, Adaptable for stage play.

                What if a man had fathered ten, twenty, thirty children?

                How would ten, twenty, thirty children relate to a man that is their unknown birth father?

                This is where the story begins when Ed, the donor, meets Gwendolyn, a daughter, and the many children, the many lives of each, troubles, happy events, and the endless storied lives of all. Because of Gwendolyn, Ed reluctantly becomes involved in the lives of the children. Ed haphazardly learns to provide feelings, advice, affection and hard love. Each story segment relates to each child and how Ed is integrated into the child’s affairs and the everyday events that a child has from a first crush, first date, first fight, new glasses, braces, girl problems, boy problems, all that Ed is unable to handle yet muddles through with comical success. Ed becomes friend, confidant, hated, loved and in ways becomes a father, pa, old man, dude, dad and donor.




R. C. Moffatt

ISBN. O-9684909-6-4

Cartoon book, 74 pg. (8 ½ X 11) (10 years to adult) (Free copy with any other purchased book)

                A collection of neighbourhood characters comes to life on the pages of this book. Single panel layouts with captions.  Everyday Canadian life on topical topics, life, love, children, pets and neighbours. Everyday subjects are covered by a talented artist who blends realistic drawings with a cartoon overtone. We have all been in situations, R. C. Moffatt has captured our situations and has placed them in this book.


                I had to laugh, when I recognized my family’s antics in this book. My family says I am in there too.

                Mr. Moffatt’s art work is so realistic that I can see the cartoon people coming to life.

                I great collection, his style is similar to Norman Rockwell, but R.C.  Moffatt has added written humour to accompany the panels.



R. C. Moffatt

ISBN 0-9686086-3-9

Cartoon Book 60 pg. (7 X 8 ½) (10 years to Adult) (Free copy with any other purchased book)

                A collection of cartoons depicting everyday life of neighbours in any Canadian city. Follow them through the fall and winter seasons. Topical topics of life, love and everyday hang-ups that people have. Follow your favourite characters through life, it maybe just like your life. Every topic is covered from Grandma’s latest date to the first inclining of love between neighbourhood kids. There is a snicker and at least a laugh on each and every page.


                This book is great bathroom reading. I can laugh at the characters because I see my neighbours on the pages.

                My childhood was just like the kids in this book.



Short Story Collection

ISBN 1-894650-20-4

Short Story Fiction, Juvenile, Young Adult, Adult.

108 pg. (7 X 8 ½) $8.85. (Free copy with any other purchased book)

Author’s (Mirabotalib Kazemie, Diana J. Lalonde, Kim Pister, Natalie Fraser)

                Juvenile short stories from various authors. 1. Sherene and The Angels of Cascade Lakes. A story of a young girl seeking a better world for humans and animals that inhabit the earth and its oceans.

                2. Mary Morgan and Mr. Timothy’s Magic Van. A magic van that has everything in the world in side, maybe including a puppy for Mary.

                3. Remember Me. A story of a young boy dealing with the turmoil that surrounds his Grandfather’s illness, and how he comes to understanding it.

                4. Ivy’s Gerbils. The life of a house cat and a family of gerbils that he is not suppose to eat. A delightful story as told from the cat’s perspective.


                A nice variety of short stories written by a cross section of authors.

                Ideal short stories for children, my teenage children and I myself enjoyed them.


Richard Mousseau

ISBN 978-1-927393-39-0 Book $12.95

ISBN 978-1-927393-40-6 e-book $6.47

Fiction, mystery, horror, psychic dreams. (adult)

A cold sweat accompanied a haunting sensation when Ed’s body sprang up from the bed. Open eyes greeted complete darkness of the room. The subconscious mind in control of sleeping hours fought for possession against a waking consciousness. Ed could not distinguish between reality and fabricated dreams.

He was there on Roosevelt Street back in nineteen-forty-eight, fives years before feeling the chill of autumn at his birth in September, in the year of nineteen-fifty-three.

Ed could not understand why he could not shake off the dream, why it haunted the reality of consciousness.

Eighteen years had lapsed since Ed had resided on the gravel street.

Yet, there was an aurora that encircled the wooded playground; sometimes gleeful, sombre, chilling and when the gloominess of a rainy day prevailed, Ed would pass by on the farthest shoulder to hold at bay the haunting mist rising from the woods.

A man has dreams that are so convincing that he believes that events have occurred in reality. He seeks help from a psychiatrist, who in turn involves a detective and a lawyer. Everyone is convinced that the man has committed a murder, though the man states that the murder was committed in a dream, on the day that he was born.


It is amazing how frightening a book can be when the premise of the horror is self created in the mind of the character, and now my lingering thoughts are beginning to scare me.

Yes, fright can be created in one’s own mind and being locked in a dream where you can not wake is similar to being buried then finding out you are alive. Our own thoughts can be the worst of nightmares.

Crap, I am scared to go to bed for fear of having the same dream as the author.



HO . . . HO . . . HOLD ON!

Richard Mousseau

ISBN 978-1-927393-37-6

Drama/Comedy Screen Play

Adaptable for Television or Stage Play.

(all ages) 148 pg. $14.25 Can.

11 main characters.

Basic Story

A Hobo is mistaken for Santa Claus. Santa brings various people together after combinations of different situations. Life’s downturns begin to show a positive up side when everyone leans on each other and prosperity and love develops.


Your mother really hates me. Never liked me stealing you and Molly and moving across the country.



We will be there shortly and she will have Molly to hug and spoil. She will thank you for bringing us safely to their home.



And resent me for free-loading on them. Despise me for not being able to provide a home for a wife and child. Tolerate me by providing an army cot in the cold dark dungeon of the cellar with the ghost of . . .



Santa Claus.



Fred looks at Beth with a bewildered questioning glare. Beth squints and shakes an accusing finger at Fred then both turn to look at Molly smiling and pointing forward through the windshield.



No . . . no . . . Molly, Grandma does not have ghosts in the cellar. Daddy is just making up a story, that is what Daddy does . . . writes stories.



An unemployed writer going to live in your parent’s cellar with the ghosts that haunted Ebenezer Scrooge not . . .



No . . . out there . . . . we are going to hit Santa!!

(blink eyes, hold closed then open to confirm what is seen)

Santa . . ., Daddy, . . . you killed Santa.






Richard E .Mousseau

ISBN. 0-9684909-0-5

Cookbook, 144 pg. (16 years to adult) $8.95 (used book $5.00)

                Just The Cook reveals his time tested recipes of true Canadian cooking. All of the Cook’s recipes come with tall-tale stories to explain the history behind the dish. Some stories are based on true facts. It is hard to tell if Just the Cook is telling the truth or spinning a yarn. Rest assured that all of Cook’s recipes were time tested and taste tested. Just the Cook’s cookbook is for the down to earth common man, and other gender, and geared to the person that wants to cook out in the wilds of northern Ontario or in the comfort of one’s home.


                Mr. Cook, I tried a couple of your recipes and the food turned out great. Thanks.

                Devouring your stories was as good as tasting the results of my efforts when I attempted one of your stranger recipes.

                I think more people will pick up your cookbook just for the pleasure of your stories.



ISBN 1-894650-36-0

Short Story Collection, Fiction/Juvenile/Adult

156 pg. (5 ½ X 8 ½) $12.85 Can (SALE $1.00)

Amy Martinsen - Lilly’s Photograph

                An elderly widow hold dear a photograph of her husband. She reminisces about their life together. To her young granddaughter she tells of the love between herself and a young man that captured her heart.

Mary Kathaleen Marelli - Shaver

                A beaver battles with an old man over the building of a beaver house under the man’s dock. Who will win the battle of wits on the waters of an inland lake where the two have resided and feuded for years.

Myles Brandon Hibbett - the Witch Doctor’s Sons

                Two sons of a highly respected Witch Doctor are sent out on a quest to seek knowledge. Both travel the same route but achieve very different rewards of knowledge.

Rebecca Elizabeth Plude - Musician and Artist

                Two cousin, both struggling in the discipline of their chosen art, battle and applaud the other’s talent, that over the years of life, that may destroy or bless their careers.


Richard Mousseau

ISBN 978-1-927393-24-6

Drama/Comedy Screen Play

(all ages) 100 pg. $14.25

7 main characters, 15 secondary characters

Basic Story

A man, Richard, who has lost his memory, is befriended by a young child, Whitney, who takes a liking to the dishevelled man and feels he will be the best person to meet, date and marry her mother, Sondra. Along the way a cast of characters take it upon themselves to assist, a mother figure, Martha, who overlooks the financial needs of the man, a mall security custodian, Alloyuis, to mentor the man in the ways of social matters, Dora, a friend of Sondra to foil events, a doctor and a judge to mend matters, the mystery estate benefactors aiming to disrupt everyone’s life, all acting above the sub plot of a end destiny that was conceived before this story began.


Now if Mr. Magical is Martha Stanfield-Moncalm’s son then he is linked to old money and name.


Nope  . . . nope . . ., according to Whitney, Martha is just his benefactor and he just calls her Mother.




So . . ., no old money and no famous name. He is John-Doe, lives at the hospital and lost his memory from an accident.


Perfect, just the kind of man you need. Train him your way, just like a puppy and he will always be at your beckon call.


Puppies become dogs and eventually will go sniffing for a bi . . ..


If you don’t want him, I’ll  . . ..


Dig your claws into . . ., he’s here, don’t look, turn this way, hide me.


(instantly search bar for man)

What does he look like?


Ah . . .

(whishy-washy gesture and facial expression)

Normal bum turned into a Prince Charming.







Edmond J. Alcid

ISBN 0-9686086-1-2 v. 1.

Historical Biography,   108 pg. (5 ½ X 8 ½) ( 10 years to Adult) $7.50 (used book $5.00)

                Volume one consists of historical events and of those persons that have shaped a community. Local - Characteristic of being from a common place. Hero - A person of nobility, a person admired for their exploits. A personal story of each person that has given of himself or has helped the community as a whole throughout the growth of a community. Heroes arrive into our lives for different reasons. Volume one brings local persons that have shaped a growing community. From the original native Canadians, to the first explores, to the present day, local people are highlighted for their contributions to a community. Great deeds to simple offerings have come from average to well-known local figures. All have made this community what it is today. Be inspired by the lives of our Local heroes.


                I did not realize that we had this many important people in our community.

                It was great to read about important everyday people that have made this town a great place to be from.

                I was glad that someone has finally given credit to those that deserve it the most. Yes it is the everyday person that turns out to be Local Heroes.



Dorothy Ann Kemp

ISBN 1-894650-44-1

Published March 1, 2005

Novel, Autobiography, 140 pg. $12.85 Can (used book $5.00)

                Dorothy A. Kemp relates her impressions of life and of the times between 1928 - 2004. Dorothy - an African-American gives you a view of life through her eyes, her experiences of being a student, teacher, wife, mother and grandmother. Life lingers around and in the turmoil, joys, failures and successes of life in and around the small towns of Missouri. The author relates womens’ issues, country living, sex, racism, Church values, education and her personal revelations of having seen, experienced, and overcoming those struggles to achieve a satisfied life. A triumphant life is built upon the small stones gathered along one’s life. Dorothy A. Kemp gathered a foundation from her ancestors and is now the foundation for the future of her descendants.


                When reading through this book I found that I was right there at the time. I lived through those times and this book brought those memories out. Yes it was a time of struggle and strife. Well worth living and reading through the memories of the author.


Richard E. Mousseau

ISBN. 0-9698319-4-3

Play, Fiction, 41pg. (60 to 90 min) (16 years to adult) $5.50

                Drama, 4 male leads; 1 female lead; 5 second leads. A female university student interviews 4 male prisoners on death-row. Each prisoner relates past crimes and their outlook on life. During the play a murder is committed. 4 second leads (a quartet) sing 4 stirring songs. Best to present before the play a short musical variety of prison type songs by the quartet to set the tone of this play.

                Simple set; play book $5.50; Royalties; First performance $35.00; Each additional performance $25.00; Musical Score book $3.50, Demo tape $3.50.



Richard E. Mousseau                                       

ISBN. 0-9698319-7-8

Play, Fiction, 92 pg. (90 to 120 min) (16 years to adult) $9.75

                Comedy; 3 female leads; 5 male leads. A mix-match of vacationers find themselves abandoning their safe yacht to crowd into a life-raft. When everyone sees Willy and Captain Crab taking a raft to go fishing, they mistake it for abandoning the ship. Now adrift, the various characters display their antics for survival on the high seas, sex, cannibalism, death by a swordfish, Moby Dick the whale. Will they ever reach land with sanity intact? Laughter is at their own expense.

                Simple set; raft can be real or fabricated; play  book $9.75; Royalties; First performance $45.00; Each additional performance $35.00.



Jon Ferguson     

ISBN 1-894650-42-5         

Play, Fiction,72 pg. (four acts) (adult) $10.95 (SALE $1.00)

                Drama, 2 male leads; 1 female lead.

                A Patient is seeking unspecified assistance for the troubles he is having. There is a give and take of information between the doctor and patient. This meeting occurs in the Doctor’s office in the early morning, late afternoon and early evening. This office could be in Lausanne, Paris, Rome, Buenos Aires, or San Francisco. After a tie they begin to discuss a woman, the wife of the patient, the mistress of the doctor. At a party in the forth act all three meet and air out their wishes and compromises.

                Simple set; play book $10.95; Royalties; First performance $35.00; Each additional performance $25.00.



Edmond Alcid

ISBN. 0-9698319-6-X

Play, Fiction, 88 pg. (90 to 120 min) (16 years to adult) $11.00

                Comedy /Drama; 2 female leads; 1 male lead; Elizabeth and Sonya share a senior’s citizen apartment, only because they are sisters by blood and have no other family members. As sisters, through their lives they have hated, loved, loathed and cherished each other. Just because of their advanced ages is no excuse to rehash their past over and over, but they make sure they do from the first thing in the morning to the last goodnight at bedtime. The centre of all their conversations revolves around Edmond. Though he has passed on, he seems to be constantly there among them. Intertwined between these three octogenarians, as they relive the sad, humorous, disappointed and happy moments in their lives, there is a love triangle. Old folks can be funny, serious and touching at the same time. You will laugh and cry then laugh again.

                Simple set; Play book $11.00; Royalties; First performance $45.00; Each additional Performance $35.00.



My Beau had a run of fourteen performances at the Village Theatre in Qualicum Beach, British Colombia by Echo Players in May of 2003. This play was their entry into the north Island Drama Festival. Out of eight presentations by other theatre groups, Echo Players’ presentation of My Beau placed second overall. Their efforts and talent garnished a total of seven honourable mentions for; achievement by female actors in a leading role, achievement is set design, costume design, lighting, sound, graphic promotion and ensemble acting.



Richard E. Mousseau

ISBN 1-894650-05-0

Play, fiction, 72 pg, (90 to 120 min) (10 years to adult) $10.85

                Comedy, drama, 1 male lead, 6 extra leads, and musicians. Mr. Cheeks recites story poetry of the Canadian west in the late eighteen-hundreds. On hand are his fellow cowboys listening around the night’s camp fire. Male cowboys, a girl cowhand and the cook. Musicians may  be part of the cast or in the orchestra pit. It is possible to have other members of the cast reciting selected poems. There are 12 story poems and 4 songs. Common cowboy banter fills the action between poems. The cowboys are a lively and a diverse group. The set is a typical camp setting on a cattle-drive. A campfire, saddles, coffee-pot, tin plates and cups and in the background the sounds of horses and cattle. Poems include the story of the first sleeping bag, a boy’s first horse trade, death in a log cabin, two Spanish crusaders of the west, a lovely female vet, a cowboy’s Christmas, the cook’s pot of soup, a lonely heart, a stuttering cowboy, a cry in the wilderness, a pioneer’s slim pickings and a cowboy’s true love. Songs deal with love, cows, thieves and memories.

                Simple set; play book $10.85; Royalties; First performance $45.00; Each additional performance $35.00. Musical Score book $4.50. Demo tape $4.50.







Sue McLeod

ISBN 0-9686086-5-5

Biography, 144 pg, (youth to adult) $9.60 (SALE $1.00)

                This book is a biography of the author’s grandfather. Follow a child from the earliest time of awareness to his adult life. Life is not always easy. In the case of the grandfather of this story, his life was a collection of troubles compounded by the fate of life cast upon him. At a very young age he was left in charge of himself and his sisters. The mysterious death of his parents. His need to survive through life. A brush with the law, drinking, bad influences and the need to climb out of the gutter plagued his life. Follow his self destruction on each and every page. There is a price to pay for his wayward ways and he has paid dearly. The only jubilation comes when he takes back control of his life and sets his mind to take on the task of helping his fellow man.


                This book is truly an inspirational story that all misguided youths should read.

                Following this man’s life unfold, I felt that there would be no hope for him. There is always hope when one reaches for a life-line.

                I felt sorry for the boy, hated the youth, respected the man of redemption.


Richard E. Mousseau

ISBN. 0-9681852-1-5

Play, Fiction,119 pg. (90 to 120 min) (16 years to adult) $9.75

                Comedy; 5 female leads; 6 male leads; It is opening night of a theatre production. Various people with very different backgrounds attend this production and just happen to sit in the same section of seats. Their lives are revealed to each other, overheard by others, commented on by others. No secrets are left unrevealed. The theatre patrons steal the show. Interesting characters, characters that are hidden within ourselves that we tend to keep hidden. Attend the production and laugh at yourself. Meet the old farm couple, a down and out theatre couple, there is a couple secretly meeting in dark theaters, a couple of the male persuasion, two modern young teenagers, and a innocent usher to tie in all the crazy people.

                Simple set; Play book $9.75; Royalties; First performance $45.00; Each additional performance $35.00.



Lesley Belleau

ISBN 1-894650-01-8

Play, fiction, 100 pg. (60 to 90 min) (12 years to adult) $8.95 (SALE $1.00)

                Comedy; 4 female leads, 6 male leads. Nettie is trying to study for her final exams for her university courses when her mother and little sister arrive unexpectedly. Soon Nettie finds that she has no time to study with the antics that have suddenly occurred within the confines of her small apartment. With her sister being a party girl and her mother, a closet gambler, they both unknowingly take her good hospitality for granted. Nettie grows increasingly disturbed and nervous about her exams. To make matters worse, her older pregnant sister arrives with some shocking news that upsets the entire family. With her family around, and the chaotic antics surrounding them, Nettie becomes a nervous wreck and finally loses patience, resulting in a very unusual outcome for her.

                Simple set; play book $8.95; Royalties; First performance $45.00; Each additional performance $35.00.



Lesley Belleau

ISBN 1-894650-00-X

Play, Fiction, 116 pg. (120 min) (16 years to adult) $9.95. (SALE $1.00)

                Drama; 5 female leads; 12 male leads. A dramatic story of a young girl, being half-Native and half-Caucasian, is in a struggle between each culture. Different ideals have been pressing her mind during her entire life. She is now at the point where she feels she must find her path, know who she is as a woman. During this quest for identity, she must come to terms with religion, abuse of Native people, her father and mother’s past issues, and find self worth within this controversy. She must struggle through the experiences of mental anguish and face head-on the issues that she has been avoiding her entire life. She finds herself surviving in a strange manner of being. It is too late to make amends in the present. Through her experiences she has found the strength to be herself. A little too late. Left behind are the others that have entwined their lives with hers.

                Simple set; play book $9.95; Royalties; First performance $45.00; Each additional performance $35.00.



Gordon DePottie

ISBN 1-894650-43-3

Play, Fiction, War, 68pg. (12years to adult) $10.95 (SALE $1.00)

                Drama; The Prayer; six leads. In a disabled bomber, a tail gunner finds himself in need to pray at the moment of impending death.

                Drama; The Letter; five leads. During the crossing of the Atlantic, a soldier pens a letter relating the conditions and his experiences during a time of war.

                Drama; The Discovery; five leads. Two Canadian sir force radar technicians discover a crashed American, B-52 bomber west of Hudson’s Bay. The plane has been missing for ten years.

                Simple sets; play book $10.95; Royalties; first performance $35.00, each additional performance $25.00.







Richard E. Mousseau

ISBN. 0-9684909-3-X

Novel, Biography, 182 pg. (12 years to adult) $15.95 (used book $5.00)

e-book $7.95

                The Author retells his memories of growing up on Roosevelt Street from the years 1956 to 1965. In a steel town in Northern Ontario, Canada the Author and the many kids that lived on Roosevelt Street go through their childhood years. Every kid has adventures, fun and excitement when growing up. Follow the kids as they explore their neighbourhood, the wilderness around and them selves. Read what thoughts a kid of the fifties and sixties remembers about events, friends and himself. A story for adults who want to linger back to an innocent age to remember being a kid. Kids of today will get a feeling of how their parents grew up.


                Thinking back now after reading Roosevelt Street, I had a great time growing up. Similar events happened to me. Thanks for rekindling those memories.

                I had lost touch with my memories of growing up on Roosevelt Street. I cried after reading about myself in those stories. I am sad that I have moved so far away from home.

                A great simple story. There should be more books of simple innocence.


RUSTY BUTT (Treasure of the Ocean Mist)

ISBN 1-894650-51-4

Novel, Fiction, Adventure, 138 pg, (juvenile to adult) $12.95 (used book $5.00)

                Herman Bottoms plopped his butt onto a stool across from Rusty Butt.

                "Hey, Herman. How's it going'? I've got an idea. How would you like to help me find a pirate's treasure? It would be easy for two smart guys like us. From what I've been able to find out there are caves around here overflowing with chests full of gold and jewels, suits of armour made of solid silver - you've probably heard the stories, right? - and daggers and swords with hilts encrusted with rubies and diamonds that had once belonged to a Spanish Prince. We'll be the richest kids in the world."

                By the time he finished, Herman was ready to grab his backpack and head for the hills.

                Rusty took him by the arm and sat him down by the box he used as a desk. "But first, we have to make the partnership official by forming a company-a secret company. I've already thought up a name for it; The Butt and Bottoms Treasure Hunters and Detective Agency. The Main business will be for the companies detectives, that's us, to search the neighbourhood for clues that will lead the treasure hunters, that's us too, to buried treasure."

                "The Butt and Bottoms what?" Herman asked excitedly.

                "The Butt and Bottoms Treasure Hunters and Detective Agency," Rusty repeated.

                Herman inched closer, hanging onto Rusty's every word.

                "Okay, rule number one, everything has to be a secret, just between us."

                Herman looked at Rusty with just a trace of mistrust in his expression.

                "Oh yeah, and here’s a good one. No girls allowed, not even considered. Any suggestions?"

                Herman thought for a moment. "Nope," he said, "sounds good to me."


                What an adventure, everything I had dreamt of when I was a kid. I enjoyed reading to my own child.

                A perfect adventure story, filled with ghosts, pirates, bad men, girls, treasures and most of all an adventure I wish I had when I was a kid. I hope that my children have only a fraction of adventure.

                I was disappointed to see that the only girl in the story was not included in the adventure. She had better be in the next story because she has more clues to future pirate treasure.



Richard Mousseau

ISBN 978-1-927393-29-1 Book 116 pg. (8.5 X 5.5) $12.95 (used book $5.00)

ISBN 978-1-927393-30-7 E-Book $6.47

Novel, Biography. (All ages)

Expectations of what was to be seen reflecting off of the smooth surface of the water trough was not to be. Clear blue-green water, filled to the brim clearly showed an aged face of a man mystified by a personal image. Hints of specific features were reminiscent of Father’s, the family’s inherited nose, dad’s black eyes in furrowed brows and even Mother’s hidden silent humour.

                Where had the years gone? Brows furrowed and clouding orbs peered through slits of eye lids in an attempt to view the years displaying events hovering over a green pasture. Bits of recalled memories drift in and out of the mind’s eye, though not in chronicle order. Dates and years as mixed up as the faces of people at various stages of life. Faces were familiar though names were difficult to recall. Dates, years and ages were non existent. The stories were most prevalent, most vivid with minute details and background facts connected to others and their stories.

Farm animals; their personalities and stories also intermingled in time frames of Ed’s life, maybe more affectionate than family and close friends. Animals are funny, serious and emotional.


A wonderful reflection of how mankind begins to understand and compare the animal world and the human world.

Sometimes the simple life is just as interesting as the great adventures; and farm life can be comical and heart warming when dealing with farm animals.





Richard E. Mousseau

ISBN. 0-9698319-8-6

Novel, Fiction, 209 pg. (16 years to adult) $19.50 (used book $5.00)

e-book $9.75

                Steeltown captures the tragedies in a steel mill town. Follow the lives of four young friends struggling to overcome the pressures of growing up. Who will survive the perils of innocence? Do accidents become the mysteries of rumours of murder. In a steel town hidden behind the walls of a steel mill, murder is not an accident. Live the lives of four young men as they work their first summer in a steel mill of Steeltown. Times can be good, bad and ugly. You will laugh and cry for the boys. The women of Steeltown are not, innocent bystanders, they are sometimes the cause of man’s turmoil. Steeltown will shock you.


                A realistic account of young friendship.

                For two days of reading, this book flowed like a movie.

                A-one-of-a-kind novel, I was not disappointed, I could not put it down, wanting to read just a little further.

                After reading of the tragedies that occurred in Steeltown, I was afraid to seek my first summer job in a local steel plant.



Richard E. Mousseau

ISBN. 0-9681852-8-2

Novel, Fiction, 219 pg. (16 years to adult) $117.50 (used book $5.00)

e-book $8.75

                Only two boys from Steeltown have survived. The past has affected their lives. Living and working in a steel mill town is the cause of past and future events in their lives. Salami is unable to settle down to a married life and is too eager to follow the free spirit of his friend Boo. Leaving town seems to be their only way out, an escape. To escape from what or whom? There are those who wish to even up past scores. They are willing to follow to extremes in order to inflict terror and pain on Salami and Boo. To what end is in store for two friends wishing only to escape the confines of working in a steel mill. Will they be able to escape those Steeltown Blues?


                My hopes for the boys were dashed during the reading of the last few pages.

                I felt hurt and angry when I read about Boo and Salami, boys I enjoyed following page after page.

                Through the whole book, I felt as if I were travelling and living the excitement and disappointments of life alongside of the boys.



Craig Huckerby

ISBN. 0-9681852-9-0

Cartoon book, 90 pg. (8 years to Adult) $7.95 (Free copy with any other purchased book)

                Featuring the lovable twins ‘Zak and Adam’. Watch them romp through childhood. If things are going to happen it will happen to them or they will make things happen. As different as night and day, the twins are the same. Every day occurrences unfold in the comic strips featuring the Twins. Follow the gang of would be television employees take you through their lives at a local T.V. station. Every one will see themselves in the characters of Mud T.V.  Only through the pages of the Mud T.V. comic strips are you able to laugh at yourself.


                I laughed when I remembered myself growing up best friends with a pair of twins.

                Mud T.V. is exactly like the T.V. station I work at, I am able to see a bit of my fellow employees in the characters of the cartoon people.



Horror/fantasy Sort Story Collection

ISBN 1-894650-24-7

Short Story Fiction, Adult

92 pg. (5 ½ X 8 ½ ) $7.50 (SALE $1.00)

Author’s (C.B. Rissler, Edmond Alcid, Stephen R. Neufeld)

                A collection of Adult horror/fantasy short story fiction.

                1. It’s For You. What would you do if you received a package with only a single notation, ‘it’s for you’ ? Would you open it, throw it away, or let the contents of the package determine your date, and means of death?

                2. They Say Its Waters Are Deep. Legend state that the waters of Lake Superior are deep, and what lays beneath, it keeps. It is only a legend told over and over again. Over the last hundred years the legend has risen from beneath the surface of the water.

                3. Driving Fast. What does a mind think about when a body lays in a coma? If doctors, friends and family members were able to listen to those thoughts. What would you do if you were able to eavesdrop in on the thoughts of a dying man?


                A nice selection of stories. Each one brought snippets of my own inner weird strange scary thoughts. It is funny how we all have these strange thoughts going through our minds when we dream. Some writers are able to put it on paper.



Richard Mousseau

ISBN 978-1-894650-87-8 Novel

All Ages 246 pg. (8 ½ X 5 ½ Trade Paper) $22.95 (used book $5.00)

ISBN 978-1-894650-88-5 E-Book

All Ages  (Download) $11.47

                Soaring freely on wings of silky canvas fabric, a colourful kite of vivid hues is barely seen against a clear blue sky on an early September day.

                Higher than any of the other kites, it soars above the open fields, above kids resembling ants rushing about. Twenty assorted kites jostled for air currents and manoeuvrability space. These kites sailing twice the height of the tallest eighty-foot White Pine. Higher above them floated a sky flyer, its fabric skin taunt against a warm updraft and wind. Stressed to the breaking point, the tethered line held fast to the kite’s structural frame.

                Lazy dog day afternoons are meant for relaxing in the last warmth of southern winds, and the town’s folks of Echo Bay cast inquisitive eyes towards the sky. Hugging the shoreline of Georgian Bay, a body of water connected to Lake Huron of the Great Lakes, there is a clear view of the open farm land leading to the water’s edge. Folks mingled, as those do on a Sunday afternoon, and cast an eye every once in a while towards the dancing kites above Old Man Barns’ empty farm field.

                This is one of those summers that becomes noted in everyone’s mind, and will be recalled in declining years of age.

                Air currents billowed the sky flyer’s fabric, tugging, trying to set it free. The wind is free to travel the earth, to visit places, to bring warmth or a blast of cold Arctic air. A gentle breeze will carry a butterfly lazily along an unplanned path. Able to be cruel, a wind will flatten crops and pry buildings from their foundations.

                Today the wind played fair, yet teased with a firmness. Sewed seams of fabric held fast around arched framing. Mankind designs and builds structures to withstand the elements. In turn, the forces of nature test mankind’s inventions. A bout of strength unfolded this September day of Nineteen-Ten. The sky flyer held fast to the tethered line. Three lines, one attached to each side  and one on the head of the kite, joined a centre ring coupled to the line earth bound.

                Higher than any of the other kites, the Sky Flyer waved its long tail of spinning fan blades. A rainbow of colours flashed from each decorated blade. Competing kids unreeled line in hopes of matching the sky flyer’s height. One by one the lines ended in a fastened knot around spool reels. Eyes fixated on the height of the sky flyer. Kids cheered, some were disgruntled when being intimidated by the sky flyer’s achievement. Town’s folk paused, shaded their eyes and oohed an awed with delight when seeing the display of playful kites. Some wished that their childhood could have been as adventurous and playful.

                This September of Nineteen-Ten is a momentous day.


                Boy, kids had fun back in the olden days, what a realistic fantasy story.

                I lived childhood days with no store bought toys, no money, no modern electronic gadgets and us kids had fun. Modern kids are missing out on life.

                Thanks for letting me relive my childhood days. I looked out of the window expecting to see kids and kites flying.

                At sixty, I want to go fly a kite!





Edmond J. Alcid

ISBN. 0-9684909-9-9  (Free copy with any other purchased book)

Children’s Story book

Illustrated by

R. C.  Moffatt

28 pg. (7 X 8 ½) (4 years to 8 years) $6.50

                A young children’s story book fully illustrated. A young farm boy is helping the older farm men unload a hay wagon. T. J. finds a multi coloured shoelace on the wagon under a mound of hay. When he picks it up he discovers that it is a garder-snake. They are both frightened of each other. After moments of staring and an understanding both part as friends.


                My uncle wrote this story about me, I am T. J. . This story really happened but I was not really scared.

                Even though I am in my seventies, I enjoyed reading and looking at the illustrations. I was there when my grandson picked up then dropped the little snake. We all laughed and I laugh now when I saw the book.


THE SPUDS (Pick of the Crop)

Susan McLoed

Concept and Illustrations

ISBN 1-894650-12-3 (Free copy with any other purchased book)

A Child’s Story Book

Story by

Richard Mousseau

36 pg. (7 X 8 ½) (3 to 8 years) $4.95

                A child’s story book telling the story of four young friends, all young potatoes, that grow up together. We follow their growth from the village garden to the antics that they get into. We develop a bond with Lizzie and Hank, (brother and sister) and Lawrence and Marmalina, (brother and sister). In this story, we follow the birth of the potato children and watch them grow. When the four get together, they show off their different personalities. In this story they all decide to enter a baby beauty contest. Well, things do not always tune out the way children expect. As friends, they will always be there for each other.


                As I read this story to my children, I realized that my children have similar mannerisms as the potato children. I laughed.

                This would make a great daily comic strip.



ISBN 1-894650-25-5

Short Story Fiction, Children/Juvenile/Adult

68 pg. (5 ½ X 8 ½ ) $7.22.(Free copy with any other purchased book)

Jack Bennett - Angus and Michael McDonald

                When a family falls apart, it takes courage and undying love to rebuild a family. Michael McDonald falls in with a neighbourhood gang as his father, Angus drowns in self pity. At the depth of despair they reach for each other and climb into the light of hope.

Jana Myers - Red Cherry Jell-O Disaster

                Never try cooking without learning how to cook. Two young friends discover the pleasures of making jell-o, only to find that taste testers at meal time can be their worst critics.

Edmond Alcid - Try Try and Try Again

                A day, a moment in the life of a grass-hopper. In the tiny world of insects, a grass-hopper struggles to overcome monumental obstacles. Do insects think about giving up when they do not succeed. When faced with an obstacle, this little grass-hopper will try, try and try again.

Angelia Wimbley - The Semits of Corksville

                On a lonely street in Corksville live a childless couple and their beloved dog. A lonely street, a lonely couple, a lonely dog. Made of cloth and stuffing, a little rag boy is made as a companion for a lonely dog. Mysterious things can happen on a lonely street in Corksville.



David Phillips

ISBN 978-1-894650-64-9


146 pg. (5 ½ X 8 ½) $16.95 (SALE $5.00)

                I have schizo-affective disorder. While taking an economics course by correspondence, the stress of working and school was too much. I ended up in a the psychiatrist’s office again because I thought TV personalities were giving me special messages and that I had conversed with some rock ‘n’ roll artists through the TV

                “We’ve been waiting for you, David,” said a voice from the TV. The man continued, “Looking for you has bee like looking for a needle in a haystack. What you said was so profound, we followed you like you told us to. We have your money. Ten million dollars. All you have to do is come to Britain and get it. We want to see what you can do.”

                I stammered, “I’m an accountant not a musician. I can’t seven play an instrument.  Just want to be middle classed.”

                These TV personalities were warning me not to go into accounting. I was a writer not an accountant, they said. These artists offered to pay $10 million dollars for having followed me around from 1986 - 1993, and for stealing ideas from me. I believed this was how I was supposed to pay my dues. These writers followed me so they could steal ideas, then pay me what they thought the idea was worth. I flatly turned down the millions because I thought I could make my own money as an accountant. The artists shot back saying that they did not believe me.

                One doctor asked me, “Do you have the ‘Canadian novel’ you’ve been working on under your bed?” Of course the answer was no. All I had under my bed was a Playboy magazine.

                I was not losing my mind, only needed prescription pills to keep me rational. I was rational.


                What is the amazing part of this story is that the character has succeeded beyond the handicaps.

                I found that the character’s altered world is almost a preview of his current life, success as a writer and musician, minus the millions of dollars. Money is not everything.



Patricia Brez

ISBN 978-1-894650-62-5 Book 228 pg. (8 ½ X 5 ½) $21.48 (used book $5.00)

Fiction, life adventure.

                Old sidewalks have always interested me.  Visit any old town, perhaps the town where you grew up and have not been back to in quite some time.  Take a walk down the side streets, lined with big old houses and stately trees.  Walk along weathered sidewalks with cracks and weeds poking through here and there.  Think about all of the lives that have come and gone within those old houses, and have walked on those old sidewalks in days long past.  What stories could these sidewalks tell if able to speak?  What secrets do they hold about the people who once walked upon them?  Here and there, what secrets are still hiding beneath?

                I have visited this old town, the town where I grew up and still visit occasionally. Have taken a walk down the side streets, lined with big old houses and stately trees.  Walked along weathered sidewalks viewing the cracks and weeds poking through here and there.  Thinking about all of the lives that have come and gone within those old houses, I have walked in the memories of those human souls in days long past. These stories the sidewalks have revealed to me, secrets untold. Continuing stories I may reveal.


                Quite a family tale that is rich and yet sadly plausible.

                Sometimes the most fascinating events in life happen to the average of people and I wonder why so much has happened to a single person.

                I can easily associate with Lizzy and her sadness, conflicts and struggles to survive, an inspiration to women of the times. Young girls today should read this story.



Tomas Fritsche

ISBN 978-1-894650-90-8 Book 100 pg. (8.5 X 5.5) $11.77 (used book $5.00)

Fiction, Juvenile adventure

                Frowning with impatience, Robby O’Brien stood on the eighteen foot home made log raft with bare feet apart and anxious hands on slim hips.  “Are you guys coming or not?” he pleaded, glancing around.  He had to convince friends to leave now before someone noticed and blabbed to their parents.  No adult was in sight and he breathed in the warm June Newfoundland air.  “What good is the raft if we aren’t going to sail to Seal Island on it?”

                “Sail that far away?” Jim Lundy questioned, a concerned voice cracking.  He clenched both hands into fists and nervously paced.  “No way!  Not without permission from my parents!”

                “Then why in the world did we spend so much time building the raft?” Robby argued while the other six members of the village gang listened.  “What good is this bloody raft if we aren’t going to sail anywhere worth while?”

                The rectangular eighteen-foot craft constructed of old packing crates, logs and scrap wood stood solid and buoyant.

                Robby grinned into the salty wind and breathed in deeply.  They were sailing!  He eyed Jim and snickered.  “See, Jimbo, this is great.  There’s really no danger in sailing across a little sheltered bay like this one.

                The homemade raft sailed smoothly until a northwest wind descended without warning.  A phantom twenty-five knot gust struck earthquake quick and turned mellow water into a wild display of nature’s fury.  Robby’s nerves weakened when the waves in the bay rose.  His stomach churned and he broke out into a cold sweat.  The waves were not as severe as in the open ocean.  Still, they crested at seven feet.  Whitecaps were everywhere and the spray drenched the crew.

                Weeping screams of terror rose from the huddled bunch of panic-stricken friends.  Icy chills ran down his spine while struggling to keep the raft pointed toward the island.  Arms and legs felt weak, numb from the cold and about to fall off, yet he knew that holding tight literally meant survival.  He strained every ounce of his one-hundred and fifty pound body to keep control of mind, body and the raft.  Capsizing would mean death.  Muscles burned with tense pain and the rope from the sail slipping through hands blistered.  He knew he had no choice and must endure the pain.


                An exciting story where average children push for adventure and get caught up in a dangerous adventure. I wish my childhood could be as adventurous.

                A nice mixture of past evil forces being conquered by smart sensible children that know right from wrong.



Patricia Brez

ISBN 978-1-927393-31-4 Book 204 pg.(8.5 X 5.5) $22.08 (used book $5.00)

Fiction, mystery, adventure. (All ages)

                Old sidewalks have always interested me.  Visit any old town, perhaps the town where you grew up and have not been back to in quite some time.  Take a walk down the side streets, lined with big old houses and stately trees.  Walk along weathered sidewalks with cracks and weeds poking through here and there.  Think about all of the lives that have come and gone within those old houses, and have walked on those old sidewalks in days long past.  What stories could these sidewalks tell if able to speak?  What secrets do they hold about the people who once walked upon them?  Here and there, what secrets are still hiding beneath?

                The author’s first novel, ‘The Sidewalk’ revealed stories of families and mysteries within a small town. The Letter ties up the stories generations after the mystery was revealed. Conclusions and a closure unfold in a web of life discovered in ‘The Letter’.


                A stand alone novel, I rushed back to read the novel ‘The Sidewalk’ then read ‘The Letter’ again. Such a fulfilling journey through generations of families and a lingering mystery.

                A twist of intrigue that surprised me throughout the journey of generations.



Richard E. Mousseau

ISBN. 0-9698319-3-5

Play, Fiction, 69 pg. (Each 30 to 45 min) (16 years to adult) $6.50

                Comedy; Three short plays, each giving a different point of view on love and life with a comic tone. Simple sets; play book $6.50; Royalties; First performance $35.00; Each additional performance $25.00. Musical Score $1.50, Demo Tape $2.00


                1 female lead; 1 male lead; This play takes place in a bed. Wilbur has worked hard all day and just wants to sleep when he gets home. Mildred has found the need to keep Wilbur awake to discuss their life together. Wilbur is a procrastinator and has lost interest in life’s goings on. Mildred is a bubbly blonde who craves affection and conversation. The only time she finds time for both is in the middle of the night. A married couple for eight years. Play is dated to the 1930 -40's. A laugh a line.


                1 female lead; 1 male lead; Two poets meet on a park bench. They relate their lives, past, present and future to the audience in short verse poetry. They seem not to interact with each other. Their poetry does relate to each other and they react, the audience should sense that the actors are only communicating with them. Actors act out the lines of each poem. Witty poetry dialogue.


                2 male leads; 1 female lead; A day in the life of a 40 year old bachelor (Youngin) and his 140 year old dog (Wojo). As Ma is in the kitchen of their homestead home, Wojo and Youngin discuss their love lives, or lack of, as they sling sarcastic remarks back and forth. Laid back farm humor.









Richard E. Mousseau

Terri-Lynn Thompson

ISBN. 0-9684909-1-3 (Free copy with any other purchased book)

Picture book, History, 114 pg. (8 ½ x 11") (8 years to adult) $10.60

                A picture-book of black and white sketches and photographs of barns. A history of different types, sizes and shapes of Canadian barns in Southern and Northern Ontario. Each picture has a caption. Poetry accompanies the selection of pictures.


                It is a pleasure to just look at the pictures over and over again. The barns seem to be talking through the poetry.

                I was surprised to see so many different barns. An interesting look. A book that is ideal to be left out on a coffee-table.









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