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In the hustle and bustle of the publishing world we are proud to be the little guy making inroads with the successes of authors and their titles. Located in the hub of the great lakes, Moose Hide Books enjoys the rural life of Prince Township, just on the outskirts of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Our titles and associate authors reach world wide.


As of September 2015, we have dropped the publishing aspect of our house and will strive to support new and established authors with our editing, story editing and our mentor services. It is our mandate to assist up and coming writers and established authors through our editing and mentor services and also provide a review process of the work. We consider all genre of works from, fiction and non fiction novels, story poetry, short stories, and theatre play works. Our clients range from first time authors to seasoned  and professional authors. We are proud to be associated with talented individuals.


MOOSE HIDE BOOKS an imprint of Moose Enterprise Book and Theatre Play Publishing is a registered independent publishing house. (We are NOT a vanity press, or a self-publisher, nor a self-published on-line publisher.)


We are registered with the National library of Canada, listed in the Book Trade of Canada, RR Bowker, Library and various Book Store listings for direct orders and purchases, and affiliated with Chapters / Indigo on-line book store, and LuLu distribution. We distribute directly from this Publishing House and also provide direct orders and shipping.


Detailed information on guide-lines, lists of tiles, ordering and contact information is available on the following pages. Please feel free to browse all tabs, and if you have questions feel free to contact us.


People often question the name of the publishing house and often give humorous facial expressions when hearing the name. When growing up as a kid, other kids, lazy in nature, always broke long, complicated surnames down, thus every kid in my family became known as Moose, a play on the pronunciation of my last name. It seemed fitting to carry the name on and anoint the publishing house as such. The Moose is a shy, reclusive animal but its stature in the wild is large and prominent. As a publishing house, we share some of the animal’s traits, thus the use of our logo.


Moose Hide Books, denotes the majestic animal and the strong hide of resilience, similarities that we strive for, resilience against all odds of adversity, and to be proud of associate authors and their titles.


I offer a thanks to you for taking an opportunity to access our web page and Moose Hide Books.



Richard Mousseau
Publisher, editor, author.
Moose Hide Books


Richard Mousseau; A writer with years of experience, struggling like all other authors to present his works to the public. He has dabbled in story poetry, play writing and has found a comfortable position in writing adventure stories based in Northern Ontario. A farmer, raising, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, beef and has a close relationship with  pet horses and goats that roam freely, sometimes on the font yard of the house. Being single, there is no woman of the house, (though an eyes is searching) to nag when Richard tends to drag in farm yard manure into the house on the bottom of boots. Though a writer in his own right he gains a delight when editing and assisting an author's work and is proud to see the author’s work develop.


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