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Featured Authors


Edmond Alcid (Genre; Adventure, Theatre plays)


Moose Brannigan (Genre; Western adventure)

Patricia Brezynskie (Genre; Social mystery)

Lesley Belleau (Genre; Theatre Play, Drama, humour)

Robert Dunbar / Karen Scioli (Genre; Theatre Play, Horror, humour)

Gordon DePottie (Genre; Theatre Play, Historical drama)

Thomas Fritsche (Genre; Juvenile adventure)

Jon Ferguson (Genre; Theatre Play, Drama, insight)

Robin E. Forester (Genre; Juvenile adventure)

Peter Grantham (Genre; Adventure, mystery)

Dorothy A. Kemp (Genre; Biography)

Richard Mousseau (Genre; Adventure, humour, poetry, Theatre plays)

Maria Monaco (Genre; Juvenile fantasy adventure)

Sue McLeod (Genre; Biography)

David Phillips (Genre; Biography adventure)

Gregg Seeley (Genre; Juvenile adventure)


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